Luxury Holidays – Catamaran ride in Mauritius

There are excursions that leave no one indifferent, especially because they provide access to the most inaccessible corners of a destination. During your holidays in Mauritius, we invite you to discover the North Islands of Mauritius by catamaran, an unusual excursion full of adventure and beautiful surprises and a must for lovers of diving, nature and snorkeling .

Discovering the North Islands of Mauritius

The northern islands of Mauritius are, for the most part, classified as natural reserves and uninhabited. Only Gabriel Island and Plate Island are inhabited.

Flat Island is comparable to a small Garden of Eden with its turquoise lagoon and tropical vegetation. It is in some ways a wild and little-known version of Mauritius, in miniature. From the lighthouse, the view of the 5 northern islands is breathtaking.

Gabriel Island is also very interesting for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. This peaceful nature reserve is distinguished by its basalt beaches and breathtaking aquatic spots. You can’t come here without your mask and snorkel. The diving is done in a real life-size aquarium in the middle of multicolored corals and tropical fish. A little paradise!

And then, we have not yet mentioned Coin de Mire, probably our favorite island in the north of Mauritius. Even wilder and more difficult to access, Coin de Mire is a true paradise for budding bird watchers. One can observe, around the famous rock of Coin de Mire, many rare species of birds including the straw-tailed, graceful and emblematic.

Island hopping by catamaran

This excursion to discover the northern islands of Mauritius, we suggest you do it by catamaran, one of our favorite means of transport in the Indian Ocean. This will be an opportunity for you to discover the northern islands from the sea and to dock on each one just like the explorers of yesteryear. The departure is at Grand-Baie where you board a spacious catamaran and let yourself be guided by the wind, over the vastness of the Indian Ocean.

After an hour of sailing amidst tuna, rays and sometimes even whales, you reach Coin de Mire, recognizable by its significant reliefs. If it is impossible to disembark here for environmental protection reasons, you still have the opportunity to go around the island by boat and dive into the heart of a real aquatic Garden of Eden.

Then, for a delicious moment of relaxation on a dream beach, we suggest you, still on a catamaran, to join the famous Gabriel Island and Flat Island. Have lunch on board in Mauritian style: grilled meats and fish and exotic salads, and do not miss to look at sea and in the sky for the chance to observe turtles, dolphins and a crowd of birds sailors.

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