Choosing the Quaint Charm Of Menorca

The stunning scenery and laidback atmosphere are what sets Menorca besides the other islands within the Balearic. The relaxed lifestyle is the reason why a vacation so appealing in Menorca. Villas open to rent listed here are probably the most incredible and desirable within the Mediterranean and you will find many attractions and things you can do concerning this unforgettable island. Search for a couple of to begin you off.

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Among island’s most breathtaking (and a lot of visited) towns is Ciutadella. You’ll be able to check out the aristocratic castles within the 1700s within the primary square, referred to as Plaça plusieurs Born. A fourteenth century cathedral that’s built online in the former mosque is simply behind the therapy lamp and, here, you’ll find narrow and arched passageways and courtyards which will make a remarkable area obtaining a distinctive African influence.


Wonderful Mahon hosts among the world’s largest natural harbours. Inside the heyday it saw the busiest docks and wharves within the Mediterranean, where ships from around the globe unloaded their cargoes. Today, this can be truly the island’s capital, and you will still see traces of British rule within the Georgian town houses filled with lace curtains. Cafes and restaurants line the harbour and they are stored busy with visitors from cruise companies that pier within Menorca. Villas and houses listed here are fortunate with old British charm.

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Megalithic monuments

Another spectacular sight across the island is its open-air museum, getting its mystical selection of megalithic monuments – the finest number within the entire Mediterranean region. These standing gemstones and settlements hold the Talaiotic culture that existed within the Bronze Age in 2000 years BC. It shows a very organized society and you will find greater than two 1000 megalithic monuments over the island.

Favàritx lighthouse

There are lots of places to wind lower in Menorca. Villas here allow you to lounge around all day long lengthy extended in the ocean or escape and explore. Consider going to the small coves over the Favaritx Lighthouse. You can swimming and snorkel here along with the lighthouse stands imposingly inside the rocky coves overlooking the sea. The place can also be well-preferred among birdwatchers during fall.


Many of the festivals across the island occur between June and September plus a wonderful time to go to Menorca. Villas book out at the outset of this high season so ensure to create your reservations just after conception. The most famous festival is known as the Fiesta de Sant Joan in Ciutadella, which takes devote June each year. The narrow roads using the harbour are full of spectators, who demonstrated up at watch the black horses additionally for their riders displaying their equestrian skills. The Planet Jazz festival along with the opera season can also be both crowd pullers and you will have some excellent gastronomic festivals, too, to sample some amazing food.

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